Monday, August 1, 2016

Lean on yourself

At lunch, they asked me today whether i'm a right-wing or a left-wing. They are confused about my leaning and i don't blame them. To set the record straight, i don't like the idea of having to lean when it comes to politics, especially when we're all fully aware of its filth. One day, i'm expressing sympathy at Rahul Gandhi's helpless state of affair while on another day, i'm spewing bile against the hollow dynasties that has become our country's legacy. One day, i'm requesting people to at least give NaMo a chance because it's quite clear by now you can't see how things really are when you're blindfolded by bias. On other days, i remind the world to not forget what fascism accomplished in Godhra. Some days, i'm all for Kashmir's azadi from totalitarianism while on others, i wonder why kids are bunking schools to throw stones at men with guns. There are days when i fully grasp Europeans' fear of immigrants but then, there are afternoons, when i know for sure there's a weird colonial justice in mixing whites with the brownies. On a normal day, i vouch for the spread of the stronger culture, the greater culture, a culture that gives strength to values like liberty and equality. On a not-so-normal day, i'm reduced to accept that our species is fucked beyond repair. Some afternoons, i watch a Hollywood film and begin to wax eloquence for the progress American civilization made in a relatively short(er) period of time. Some evenings, i can trace all the root causes of the problems in the world back to the USA. Some nights, i accept Karma indeed worked overtime to get someone like Donald Trump as a presidential nominee. There are mornings when i wake up and i feel blessed to have been born a Hindu. After all, what's there not to like about a philosophy that just...well..lets you be? And then there are mornings i wake up only to acknowledge that the crystal clear philosophy has been hijacked by muddled personalities who can't go beyond a shallow word called Hindutva. I don't have the patience to lean on to anything that has a human touch; something that is based itself in hypocrisy and convenience. It's not going to last forever. One should lean on something that will. I wish i could lean on the sky. 

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