Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Without a mask or cape

You remember that scene from Spider-Man movie wherein our hero puts everything in him to stop a train from flying into doom? By the end of the scene, you almost feel his weariness. He could barely stand. But then, superheroes aren't meant to stay tall all the time. They fall again and again and again; the reason they do so is they rise each time. Yes, some clich├ęs are too necessary to be ignored. However, do you remember that scene? You do? Good. That guy was supposed to be me. At least that's what i thought when i was a little kid. Nose deep in comic books, i had a fancy view of the world where everything was in black and white. I was going to be the good guy and i was going to get rid of the bad guys. In other words, i was going to be a poolis and i'll arrest the chor. Of course, this was just another phase (prior to which, i wanted to be Mowgli and following which, i wanted to be a cricketer) and didn't last long enough. A convincing explanation for why i didn't hold on to the fantasy of becoming a superhero might be impossible but i firmly believe that our childhood shapes us in an irreversible fashion. While watching Daredevil (season 1), i couldn't help but keep going back to my fantastical past. I could have been that guy today had i focused harder. You never know. 

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