Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jungle law and disorder

There are unwritten laws in jungle; laws that are older than time. All the inhabitants there understand and follow them without fail. Only one creature refuses to abide. And we know who that idiot is. For reference, let’s go back to that glorious scene in The Jungle Book (2016) when all the junglevasis, big and small, gather at the river bank to have their fill. Nobody’s attacking nobody there. Not even Sher Khan. On the contrary, he’s wary of having a human cub (read: Mowgli) at the venue. Which is ironic given the feline's violent record. It’s been a long thirsty summer and nobody could care less—other than Khan, of course—about a human presence. The reason why they could do so is there is a law in place. The reason Khan couldn’t do so is he shares a history with our species. He knows what we are capable of. In fact, he knows what Mowgli is capable of even though Baloo and Bagheera pretend to overlook the endless possibilities. Wonder how the world would have been today if the two-legged beings could stick to the laws instead of fire.

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