Saturday, August 13, 2016


Youth can have many distractions. Alcohol is merely one of them. In some societies, the adults are OK with their coming-of-age kids taking to beer. Some societies won't tolerate that nonsense. In the latter part of the world, a young man came home late night all sozzled stinking of the so-called soft liquor. He was barely able to stand straight at the doorstep when his mother opened the door. At first, she couldn't believe what happened. Something must have gone wrong with his upbringing. She was about to blame herself when common sense took control and she did what she had to. She didn't let him get inside the house. Taking hold of her father-in-law's walking stick lying nearby, she beat the nonsense out of her son. Within seconds, the halo of alcohol fled the scene. But the yelling woke up the entire neighbourhood. 
One neighbouring kid asked her mom, "Why is she beating him?
"He showed up home drunk," was the reply. 
Pat came the follow-up, "Why don't you beat up dad?"

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