Thursday, August 25, 2016

A worldly burden

The world is beautiful. However it is, with all its flaws and disappointments. It's chaotic and unique. There's no other like it. My wife asked me yesterday, if i had all the money i needed to sustain, what would i be doing with my time? I didn't have an answer to that. I could have said i'd settle somewhere in the hills and write that book i always wanted to. But i didn't. It'd have been a lie because i lack the discipline to write coherently (which might explain the hasty paragraphs i leave on this blog). Which brought me to the world we exist in and the world we can't wait to exit. We often dream of a place where everything is fair without doing much about it. There are gaping holes, yes, but the only way to overcome them is to embrace them. Hug them so tightly that the flaws and the disappointments in you merge with the world's, leaving you with no choice but to be at peace. You hate the world because somewhere, deep inside, you hate yourself for not becoming the person you knew you were fully capable of. It's only when you accept this barren truth that you'd be able to smile at the world without holding anything back. That's also when your eyes shall well up admiring the beauty in front of you (for reference: check out the Into The Wild (2007) gif below) and you'll be relieved of that burden called tomorrow. Once you're able to accomplish that, kindly make sure you don't die anytime soon.

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