Tuesday, October 28, 2014

After the fall

If you're in love, i know what you're going through. If you're not in love, i understand what you shall be going through. If you don't think you'll ever fall in love, shit happens. Not because i'm saying so but because of the natural order which dictates that that's how it was meant to be. We are made up of love—not mineral, bones, skin or stardust—and we were designed to spread it around. The way dogs selflessly do. Our mere existence serves a screamer in the court of truth; a truth that resides in you and me. No, not blood or oxygen. It's the Big L. From the moment water appeared out of nowhere and from the times living beings had been inchoate, love has guided us. And will continue to do so whether we like it or not. There's a gross misunderstanding that is skillfully enveloping our overexposed generation. We ironically seem to be suffering from attention deficit disorder while craving attention from absolute strangers. Well, it's not attention that we covet. It's much greater than that. But being egoistic, we aren't willing to state the obvious. From above the surface, it looks like we are constantly trying to impress others when in reality, we just want to be loved. Be heard or seen or touched even if that's too much to ask for. It's only when you fall for an individual that your vision broadens wide enough to accept those who loved you all these years without expecting much in return. All of a sudden, the roles are reversed and it's your turn now. All things said and undone, let's hope i'm right and you're wrong. If not, who's going to understand you? I do, not by the virtue of being smart—which i ain't anyway—but by the insouciance of being foolish enough to love the idea of being in love. Yup.

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