Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jai ho

There’s a long-running misconception that prostitution is the world’s oldest surviving profession when it’s not. You know why? Because when we use the term 'prostitution' in this peculiar theory, we’re referring to a woman’s willingness to trade her body for goods. If the conception were fair enough to surmise that prostitution by any gender has been historic—male or female—then i’d have merrily nodded my head along. For several reasons, insofar. One being that i don’t discount the probability of a male selling his physical prowess for material interest. Just like i don’t discount the probability of females dominating males before the latter settled scores. Or for that matter, the probability of a female discovering fire before a male stole the idea and started filling his cavewalls with images that substantiated his version of the truth. 
OK. I digressed as usual. 
But anything’s possible, right?
It’s all theories, right?
Right, but not all of them are right.
So, sometimes, it’s healthy to cross-check what exactly are we believing so blindly. Aren’t we all prostitutes since we deal away the most precious of gifts we have—time—for something so ridiculously overrated as money? Set against such a pitiful setting, who are we besmirch a female with sexist labels? Besides, in prostitution, both the parties involved are whores. Not just the woman who’s actually doing a service to the society. In any case, to her credit, the thin line has blurred between who’s the seller and who’s the buyer.  Just that many a times, the one with a penis fails to remember that.

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