Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Where there’s noise, there’s scope for music too. And what better place can one be than in Bombay to experience this phenomenon? Seldom do we come across a place here that justifies the word ‘serene’. No wonder we don’t get to her a horde of sparrows chirping together anymore. But music pertaining to human influence has a slightly different angle. On one hand, we have religious practices that produce music—whether everybody appreciates it or not—while on another hand, Bollywood songs are constantly blaring out of loudspeakers. The less said about the former the better. About the latter, we can only wonder what really happens to non-filmi music. Where exactly are they heard? I stumbled upon two classical musicians performing in a suburban hotel and later we came across two disabled musicians performing on railway platform. The similarity between the two sets of performers is both were dispensing music—irrespective of where they were stationed—amid the noise.

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Avantika said...

Wonderful observation amidst the chaos in the city