Monday, October 6, 2014

Undone endlessly

Does it bother you that glass is made up of sand and we are made up of stars? Our bones, nails, hair, teeth, nose bridge, earlobes...beg us the question: aren't we marvelous? Won't the universe be taking delight in who we are? We are certainly not the most superior beings to have left behind a footprint but we are fascinating. For good or for bad, we're growing at an astonishing rate too. We can feel others' pain. Each one of us is splendour personified. Able or crippled, visionary or blind, black or brown, arrogant or humble...contribute to God's social experiment on a daily basis. Dawn can't escape night. Raindrops won't evaporate before hitting the ground. Koalas shall remain cute. Humans? We're going to be unpredictable. A script? Thanks, no thanks. We might not be colourful. Darn, we can't even sing like a nightingale! But we create music out of wood and wind. That must count. We've got our abysmal weaknesses to deal with too. We somehow survive. We get by. However, the harshest of sun or the coldest of breeze seldom come in the way of our aspirations. Building happens to us as naturally to us as destroying. Conserving is as habitual as poaching. Whales can't stop us from carrying goods in the deepest of oceans while spiders scare the shit out of us. We barely think of donating blood to a needy whereas mosquitoes have their fill at night. We are fascinating indeed. No other creature comes close. No, not even dolphins. We may not understand cosmos but the cosmos must know by now what's going on. Perhaps we are waiting for the end because there is no end to us. We haven't been around a quarter of the time dinosaurs enjoyed. The planet isn't done—yet—with us. All the prognosticators can take a break. We aren't going anywhere. Everywhere we are. All of the time and all of the space is crowded by us and our thoughts. Does it bother you as to why we are so weird but still transparent?