Friday, October 10, 2014

Captivating knowledge

As a kid, i was afraid of Devera (the Tulu gratification for God) because my grandma and my amma had taken help of bewitching fables to conclude there indeed was someone out there who would constantly check out our every deed—good or bad. Of course, this didn't stop me from stealing coins from temples. Nope, i never had the guts to flick a note. My dad might have provided for me but god knows her contribution too! And you wondered why they lock an accessible-to-all place like temple? To be honest, even i didn't get the connection between the hundi and the big ugly lock outside. Somebody very dear to me enlightened me on that. This is how it unfolds: we grow within preconceived parameters of faith and belief. There might be Providence up there but our actions and the factors influencing them ought to have a Providence of their own. We can't be puppets who decide their own screenplay. There has to be an order in place. It might have been misplaced by our weak consciousness but it has to be there. Whatever be the case, it's best to wait for enlightenment than rush towards it. You never know when you'll crack the lock that has held your mind inmate. 

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