Monday, October 13, 2014

Liquid state of mind

Irony never ceases to amuse. Given the hot weather our city is blessed with, the availability of drinking water for public is a must. Not just on roads but also on railway platforms. And in this particular regard, Navi Mumbai scores over its sister city as all the railway stations on the other end of Vashi Creek boasts of at least one faucet. The same can’t be said about Mumbai. However, providing water is one thing while ensuring the water tap’s vicinity isn’t repulsive, quite another. If the basin is overflowing, then what’s the point? Interestingly, this is a recent phenomenon. Earlier, the standards of maintenance were relatively higher as you seldom came across unsavoury spectacle in Navi Mumbai; at least not on railway platforms. Perhaps times are fast changing and the concerned authorities aren’t able to keep up with the demands. Speaking of which, water is a basically need—if not demand—and its provision ought to be on top of the chart.

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