Friday, October 31, 2014

To PR is human

The first rule of a David Fincher film is you just don't shut up about it. You go on and on and on until everybody in your vicinity safely assumes that you have some profit to cut from this uncharacteristic promotion. Fuck them. He's David Fincher. One of the finest filmmakers who ever decided to pick up a camera in order to share his dreams and theories with all the warts intact. The manner in which he questions us, the way we are as an entity, our society and the God that we've created is mindboggling. 
*pauses to breathe deeply*
I don't think there would have been a Fight Club—at least with the awe we look at it today—if a filmmaker of his calibre and patience wasn't there. The novel could have been adapted by anyone but what Fincher did to Chuck Palahniuk's baby was what you'd LOVE to do to your existence. But you can't or won't or shan't or meh. Speaking of meh, why is marriage so overrated? I've said more than enough on this topic and it'd be fair only to let Fincher say/ask what he has to through his latest release, Gone Girl. The three questions  that the film begins with only to address them in the craziest fashion ever before only to end with the same are worth watching this masterpiece. Unlike the question i'm going to ask: What exactly are you waiting for?
I get it.

N.B. Even if you've read the Gillian Flynn novel on which the film is based, you should still watch it. There's no way your mind can beat Fincher's when it comes to imagination. Sorry.

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