Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fire in our belly

Find me a place of worship that doesn't celebrate fire or i'll show you how dark religion really is. The discovery of fire supersedes the discovery of God for several reasons. God might be everywhere but fire can be everywhere. The brightness that it exudes is a mere extension of what human imagination—not just eyes— is capable of. Animals and birds and insects and reptiles manage very well without flintstones but humans don't. Even the most rustic of existence demands its rediscovery. For warmth. For survival. The prehistoric people benefited a lot—both biologically and intellectually—when they could employ fire to cook food. Cooking not only made it easier for them to chew and digest their barbaric nosh but also facilitated them more time to indulge in activities others animals weren't party to. This was undoubtedly the first step our hairy ancestors took towards pwning animal kingdom. To juxtapose what must have happened then and what is happening today, we can have a chuckle at how we put food above fire. Particularly when our generation can neither produce food or fire on its own. Going back to religion, it's a pity that time is divided as per the birth of a mysterious man from Bethlehem. If we were indeed wise and unamnesiac , it should have been based on the discovery of fire. Before Fire. After Fire.

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