Sunday, October 26, 2014


With the festive season very synonymous with gifts coming to a draw, one can’t just overlook certain things. At least i can’t. 
For three reasons: 
1. I’m an expert in wasting time on thinking too much about stuff that doesn’t make the darnest of difference to me. 
2. That truth has a pattern attached to it provided we pay attention. 
3. It doesn’t matter. 
Coming back to the topic at hand—no pun intended—why are so we obsessed with gaining and hoarding and piling up our attics? Stuff that we don’t want or need or has any sort of emotional connect. Of course, “to each his own” plays down the whole argument but when it comes to natural resources, “to reap as sown” makes more sense. Where does our sense of detachment and indifference go—which is the case when it comes to human responsibilities—disappear when it comes to sharing stuff with those who don’t have much? In other words, why the fuck are we so selfish? Even a festival as meaningful as Diwali can’t make us introspect is a failure on our part. As an entity called society, we get too busy with ceremonious gestures that…Anyway, this seemingly benign greed is innate and has very little to do with one’s upbringing. Remember the joy we used to feel as a kid when we discovered pockets in our shirts or pants? Sadly, that innocence strays over the course of life as we get more familiar with currency and coins. The space that was once occupied by marbles or trump cards is now occupied by something else. Something material. Something that won’t last long enough and yet would have the audacity to rule our mind and heart. Maybe it’s in human DNA to have before deciding to have more.

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