Friday, October 3, 2014

Reel and reality

H: “Let’s catch a movie.
S: “Sure…but it gets too cold in there.”
H: “Hmm.”
S: “Anyway, which one would you like to watch?
H: “Forget it.”
S: “Well, do you remember the last film we watched together?
H: “Hmmmmm…I don’t.
S: “I do. It was on my laptop and we were both lying on our sides… watching the film sideways! I remember your chin resting on the top of my head and your arms enveloped my bosom.
H: “How come I don’t remember this?
S: “You fell asleep in the middle holding me.”
H: “So that wasn’t a dream?

N.B. This shorter-than-short story was written for a project that you should write for too. It's not monetary but it's worth something big.

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