Saturday, May 30, 2015


Gurgaon is full of pigs. I mean, real pigs. You'll always find a big fat one rubbing itself against the sand or drenching itself in the mud to cool off. But the cutest sight would be a mother pig with her trail of tail-twirling piglets accompanying her wherever she goes. That's what blind following must be all about. This morning, i encountered a mamma who visibly was annoyed by my invasion of her privacy. After all, she was breastfeeding her kids and by my pervy camera moves, she got all agitated. For once, she got up and took a safe distance from me while her suckling kids started running in circles. Since all men all pigs, i understood what she meant. What you're seeing above is a picture i took for Snapchat. That's it. One picture. That's all. Respect mothers. 

PS: For the record, she was back to feeding her babies milk right after the impromptu photo session. 

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