Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Better late, better ever

You meet a person and you feel complete. More than complete, in fact. And then, you do what a lot of your fellow species are known for doing. Regret baselessly. Filling your head with thoughts and case studies suggesting you should have bumped into that person earlier. A bit earlier. Say, a few years before you indeed met. Things could have been different. Time being the greatest gift, what could be more rewarding than spending it on/with someone who fulfills your otherwise miserable existence. You could have been saved and your eyes wouldn't have been so dry. Your skin might have been glower. Of course, you don't—even for a silly second—wonder what if things had gone the opposite direction. No, you don't do that. All of a sudden, you are the world champion in optimism. Had you two met earlier, y'all might have been on a higher plane. Closer. Faster perchance. Who knows? You might have settled down too by now. Like dust. Anything is possible in your mind. You two might have been traveling far and smiling wide(r). Tasting food you didn't know existed. Watching movies you always wanted to and even illegally downloaded too but never had the time. Dancing in a room like nobody's watching. No, wait. Nobody is. Listening to music that fills you with hope and madness. Wait, again. When a beautiful song is recco-ed to you, do you sit down and worry that the song should have happened to you earlier? Do you think of all the endless possibilities that might have taken place had the song happened to you earlier than it did? Nahi na? What do you do? Well, you just play the goddamn thing and let your senses soak into it while being grateful to the default in your stars.

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