Sunday, September 21, 2014

Burning Desire

He wakes up everyday. In the past 31 years, he hasn’t failed to wake up even one day. Bad habit indeed. As an compensation, he lights up and drags in as deep as he can. The idea is to feel his lungs. Leaning on the windowpane, he stares at the morning that woke up to greet him. While he’s at it, he ensures the smoke doesn’t enter the room. The sleeping beauty can’t afford to know. Before she happened, he used to be a chimney. Now-a-nights, he dozes off eagerly waiting to have his only smoke of the day.

N.B: I genuinely feel that you (whoever you are) too should try yourself at penning a 99-worder on any of the pictures offered. After all, nobody's going to judge you for poor writing. Your story is yours.

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