Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Now they do, now they don't

Whatever is happening in Gaza, Syria and Pakistan is beyond logic and utterly inhumane. Anyway, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had to get married. Secretly, of course. This brings us to the pertinent question: why rich people get married? It's not like they give a damn about the isolated society they reside in. I can understand when poor folks need something to look forward to in their miserable existence but...richville? Besides, isn't marriage something you do once and if that burns your finger, you avoid it for good? No? Hmm. The reason why i said so is A-Jolie and B-Pitt have been involved in three marriages—combined—earlier before they got hitched in Malta. The two have been together for almost a decade now. They appear awesome together. The way she looked at him while he chugged on that pizza at Oscar was the kind of stare a loving wife will never spare. The two not only adopted kids from countries you can't locate on a map but also spawned beautiful kids of their own to keep their hands full. In such a scenario, why go ahead and commit something which is prehistoric, doesn't do much to the state of relationship and wastes money? If they love each other so much why would they ruin it by getting the priest involved? OK. They are free to do whatever they like but what's the point? OK. I'll back off now. I can't sleep at night thinking why is this happening to our species. LOLJK. On a second thought, was this Brad's way of scoring one over George Clooney (who by the way, has been a disappointment for FINALLY deciding to walk the aisle AGAIN) who is all set to tie the knot with a human rights activist. Speaking of which, whatever is happening in Gaza, Syria and Pakistan is beyond logic and utterly inhumane.

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