Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mean streets

Stray dogs have a way with your affection if you allow them to. All it takes is key observation. Their behaviour is a lot like humans. If they went to school, they too would have been fascinated by the way fountain pen nibs sucked in ink. They are a curious kind. The kind we are supposed to be but aren't. Being outdoor almost their entire life, they can't have it any other way. Survival instincts are built under the sky, not a roof. Small surprise why they are so wayward most of the time. What can excite or dull them is never known. Almost to the point you wonder whether they are living it up in the city—unlike you. And they are growing like never before. Their numbers aren't declining at all. Mumbai has seen a steady rise and so has her sister satellite city. "Fuck sterilization!" must be their motto. I hope they grow by leaps and bounds. To the point that when we run out of food, we don't dare look at them as a source of nutrition. 
 PS: The fella you're looking at in the picture walked on the middle of the road along the white stripe because he just didn't care who was on that bike approaching him. 

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