Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bon mot

If you're standing—or at least trying to stand because being seated is the kind of stuff dreams are made up of—in an jampacked local train, you never know what's going to happen next. There could be an annoying piece of music playing anytime soon on someone's cellphone or better still, an argument breaking out between two fellow commuters who are primarily furious at the city but have targeted each other for the time being. An overcrowded local compartment is an amusement park where you can't take a walk. Some of the rudest, sharpest, kindest and funniest people are found inside it. Speaking of which, we recently stumbled upon an interesting episode on the Harbour Line. With the evening trains being delayed—as usual—the crowd that managed to bombard into an approaching train defied both logic as well as the sense of safety. Commuters who managed to sneak in were stuck to each other with every inch of space occupied. As the said train was about to reach Chembur, somebody innocently asked "Ab kya aane wale hai?" Before anybody could provide him the correct information, a smart aleck promptly replied, "Hawaa."

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