Monday, September 29, 2014

Nodding's alright

For a city that claims to be sleepless, it's worth noting that we catch quite of people dozing off during daytime. But what about non-human creatures in the city? When do they sleep? Do they have a set time table? Of course, the answers to these queries can be derived only from the kind of neighbourhood a given animal or bird is staying in. Cats in some localities are more nocturnal than usual while pigeons in some buildings don't flutter during noon in order to avoid scorching sun. And the same is true about stray dogs as well. In some areas of the city, they are more diurnally visible while in others, they can be heard barking throughout your sleeptime. I recently caught a 'domesticated' monkey dozing off in its sitting position at Juhu Beach while his owner was tight asleep on the sand. In such a conundrum, biological clocks are going to clash with the nature of a habitat and one of the two is going to settle for a compromise.

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