Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mind your leaps

In a city that is always in a haste but ironically prone to unpunctuality, it's not uncommon to see citizens bending rules to suit their liking. Overlooking the red signal and cutting queues are just two of the several illegal activities Mumbaikars are noted for on a daily basis. The worst of all, however, is commuters' willingness to cross the railway track merely to save few minutes which we are sure aren't worth risking one's life. Despite several warnings and banners highlighting the danger behind jaywalking at railway stations, we don't have to strive too hard to see the public running across the platform, jump onto the tracks, cross them and then leap up on to the next platform. If the overhead bridges weren't available, this peculiar behaviour would have been understandable but that's not the case. According to our best guess, it's just a matter of daredevilry disguised under the blanket of need. After all, walking up in a queue across the FOB can't be that difficult given even the stray dogs in Mumbai fully acknowledge the safety significance of using overhead bridges.

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