Saturday, September 6, 2014


Once you find her, don't let her go. At least try not to. Not because she'll turn your boring world amazing but because you'll learn so much about life itself in her presence that it's incredible. She'll be a splendid teacher. If you are in for luck, she will impart lessons as quietly as possible. Of course, the basic nature of two individuals may not match in most cases. Furthermore, the two might fall apart. Happens very often nowadays. So, for argument's sake, let's stick to an ideal situation. You stumble upon her and you think that this is it! You may be right. You may be awfully mistaken. Your gut is your guide in such a scenario. There's a path ahead waiting to be graced by your presence. No, it won't always lead to success. The cliche that a woman is somewhere standing behind a successful man is a misplaced priority. Everybody is behind Ranbir Kapoor. See what syntax does to a thought?
Walk with her for a few steps,
stumble if you will,
fall if you want, 
but rise in love all over again.
There is no dearth of people to choose from. The world is full of us but it's better to wait in most cases. Sometimes, you end up becoming what you aren't just because you hoped to impress. Too quick, too soon. When i was younger, like really young, i thought love is something you pay a huge price for. "You can't marry someone who doesn't belong to your caste!" rang the warning bell. Bollywood movies have a way with rebelizing human emotions. So i thought if i ever confessed my feeling for that pretty girl—or the prettier teacher—in the classroom, i'll end up paying for it eventually. As i grew up, i began to realize that phrases I-love-you is something card-makers like Hallmark and Archies created for their own profit. This paranoia seldom makes way to greater things in life. And if at all it does, grab the opportunity with your limbs. Don't let her go. Set her free by letting her be. But don't you dare let go!
Halt for a while, a minute or two,
shamelessly glance at her,
take a good look at your stars,
you'll see yourself smiling back at you. 


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I love you, too.

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