Sunday, September 7, 2014

Damage control

Sometimes, all we need is a guy like Terminator to promise us that he'll be back. Or Rajnikanth to embrace us and whisper "Everybody's gonna be alright" in Tamil accent. But most often than not, both these events don't take place—ever. So we're left at our own mercy which is actually scarier than we think it is. Throughout our life, if we notice, nobody has done us more harm than we ourselves. It's an inborn quality to damage yourself. Either by thoughts, words or action  No catalyst needed. You yourself is more than enough. The worst part about this destructive system is an individual has the propensity to believe that s/he's only damaging himself/herself but the truth that's impossible to do. You always end up hurting those in the branch. It could be anyone from your friend to family to mere acquaintances. And that's why we wonder why certain things don't happen to us. Like an iron-clad Arnie giving us a thums-up or a lungi-clad Rajni hugging us—at least once.

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