Monday, September 8, 2014

Feline grace

How often do you come across a cat travelling in a crowded local train? We suppose, not very often. Well, neither do we. So, we were mighty surprised to see a Persian cat inside the train compartment on the Central Line. The bundle of furry joy was the star of the commute with everyone trying to take a look at her. And it managed to be so without making a sound! Her shy owner seemed embarrassed by the unwanted attention but he obliged just like his pet. People not only tried touching her out of affection but also clicked pictures of hers. Like a diva queen minus the diva antics, she proved to be the reason behind several smiles and shared laughter. Also, she was undoubtedly the most behaved commuter around. 

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nomad_singh said...

Shakti, your simple yet amazing thoughts never stop to amaze me. how you draw inspiration from various things and ensure that you write in on your blog on the daily basis. kudos! sach mein

I have been reading your blog from quite sometime now. you inspire me to think, to write. there are so many things to get inspired from. nature, life, cat, dog, air, road, etc. seriously.

few things which stop me from writing - I aspire to be a good writer. However, I feel that my English is that great and most of the times I am not able to express myself well. I write simple statements. I am not able to think of the best way of expressing a statement.

Not only the english language point, even I am not an organized thinker. I don't know how to look beyond the things than they are actually seen. Jo dikha wahi dekha toh kya dekha. isn't it? I think if I keep reading your blog, I may be able to overcome this problem.

anyway, enough of my gibberish. I will keep dropping by. take care. keep writing.