Sunday, September 21, 2014


Until and unless you don't put yourself on the line, you don't know what you're made up of. Your strength fundamentally flows from you. Others can guide or goad you but they can't run the miles for you. They can't tend your broken heart for you. They can't bring back your lost sleep. You do that on your own and thus grow stronger—bit by bit. Words don't affect you. Actions don't intimidate you anymore. You've found your zone and you've begun to carry that sowhatface around. Every single day you've ever lived on this planet is a testament to that steady progress. You might think that you haven't done anything worth living. You may even believe that nobody will remember you when you're gone. In all sincerity, you never know. It's not like you spent all your life lazing around. And even if you did, it means you're really good at one thing: lazing. It's an utter lie when people say that their existence is a waste of time. It's not been so. We were born to make a difference and it'd be rather naive of the universe to let us leave the stage without fulfilling our role. Maybe that's why each one of us here are still breathing because somewhere we still believe good things will happen to us. Guess what? You'll be fine. You're going to grow and so will your confidence in tomorrow. You may not have walked 2000 miles on foot or swam across a river or climbed up a mountain but you've done more than enough. By ensuring that you have one more day to live. You are nature's delight because you are alive. Even if you are an asshole.

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