Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why did the chicken cross the road?

A Bollywood superstar was recently acquitted of long-pending poaching cases. He was accused of killing an endangered species for fun (no, not self-defense). But then he is also accused of hit and run. Not that anything matters as long as he's rich and undone. In China, you get death sentence for killing a panda, which also happens to be a government property. Nobody can own a panda there. India is different. When a human life doesn't count, what can you expect for animals? You can hit them, kill them, eat them and you don't even have to run. Speaking of which, i witnessed my first hit-and-run incident this week. I was in an autorickshaw on my way to work. Saw this car reverse up a bit, bypassing a man lying on the road, speed away like in a movie. It happened so fast that i couldn't even figure out the white car's model, let alone note its plate number. I immediately got the autowallah to stop the auto, got out of it and was about to cross the road when something uneasy happened: I stood where i was, on the other end of the road while people gathered around the man, steadied his bike, picked up his far-flung backpack and carried him onto the footpath. It was chaotic, yes, but necessary. Some got him water while others were busy dialling on their phones to call in the ambulance. What did i do? I just stood there. Like i always do. Scared shitless of stumbling into something i won't be able to handle. After all, i'm that same guy who accompanied a friend to hospital (to change his bandage) only to lose consciousness on hearing him groan. All the principles and all the goodwill don't count if you can't even cross the road for a fallen man. 


Karthick Gopal said...

LOL. Someone groans and you get admitted?

Unknown said...

Sometimes you can't cross the road because there are lots of borders in bdw but having empathy towards such accidents make you a good man or just a hypocrite?