Monday, March 30, 2015

A matter of choice?

If you grew up on Bollywood films too, you'd remember a dialogue—"Pyaar sirf ek baar hota hai"—that resonated with the binary nature of love. It's either one or none. Therefore, writers were naive last millennium. They propagated the idea of love happening just once, which automatically suggested that there must be only one person per life. 
But, but, but... that was in the past!
As of now, the dialogue could safely be upgraded to "Pyaar sirf ek baar nahi balki kahi baar ho sakta hai...aur woh bhi ek hi waqt mein". Which means that love can happen not only once but also to many simultaneously. If that's hard to digest, you're missing on the timeline gossip. People on Twitter come up with all kinds of rubbish as long as it suits their intellectual convenience. Day in and day out, one can witness hypocrisy of the highest order served with the finest of grammar. Going back to the main topic, there are many on my TL who are of the opinion that humans are too nimble-minded to stick with the one-person-one-love (forget one-person-one-love-one-life) policy. According to them, a person can fall for several people at the same time. And if that doesn't sound preposterously ambitious, they also believe that there's nothing wrong in pursuing 'love' while already being in an active relationship. 
Isn't that cute?
Of course, everybody has a choice like Deepika Padukone so rightly said. You can always pay later. I might not be an expert in human relationships, especially the ones where bodily fluids are bartered but i know this for sure: There's one and only love. And if that's too much to ask for, then i can edit it further: There's one and only love at a time. And if you're pure enough, you'll know it when that happens. Being greedy doesn't really help the case. You may end up as Hugh Hefner with 2000+ vaginas to your credit but were you really in love? Were you even seeking anything greater than your own needs? Will you wake up feeling the finest you ever did? Or were you too busy keeping score? 
Just to put things into perspective: Imagine somebody trying to drown you with hands forcing your nape down. When you're about to lose your life, what is it that you'd crave the most? One breath of air? Or would it be more? 
But then, you won't really know the answer if you haven't let anyone take your breath away, will you?

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Adarsh P. S. said...

I think i dont agree with the binary nature of love. "pyar sirf ek baar hota hai", it indeed means it does only happens once, but binary means the 0 can be a 1 but stil can be a 0 and then a 1. Most sane guys date one girl at a time. And that still holds for the binary laws i guess. So :D :D :D ...