Sunday, March 8, 2015

L-H curve

What is easier? Loving somebody or hating? According to me, the latter is. Moreover, i also believe hating comes naturally to us. We don't need an impetus to despise anything. And it's not just about something not agreeing to our constitution causing us to say the following:
"I hate this weather!"
"I hate spicy food."
"I hate you."
The last quote was stretching it too far. Regardless, isn't it obvious that our species is prone to hatred? It's almost like second nature to us. We may not say it loud—at least not as loud as we'd say that we love something—which on second thought, isn't something we do often either—but hating is natural. On the other hand, loving takes effort. How many times do we express our love to what we indeed love. No wonder we rarely hear the following: 
"I love how luck rolls."
"I love strangers for their kindness."
"I love you." 
Which might explain why there is so much chaos on this planet when we can surely do without. Better still, between hating and loving, indifference appears like a better option, doesn't it?
The last statement was stretching it too far. 

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Harry said...

shakti bhai, you express yourself so well man. but before that, you think so well.

just read this posting

too brilliant!