Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What you sea isn't what you land

Red (Morgan Freeman) doesn't remember seeing an ocean. He has heard rumours and seen images in his dreams establishing its blueness. Being institutionalized since his teens, he can only take a guess. The prison walls define his boundary and he doesn't have the freedom to enjoy freedom either. However, thanks to Andy (Tim Robbins), he manages to keep his hope alive and ends up on a beach—for the first time in his life. He primarily moved from being landlocked to a place which was bluer than sky, warm and had no memory of him.

Having grown up by the Arabian Sea, there was an inherent connection in place. We played cricket on a pitch-black ground that was at the mercy of tides. Not a week went by we didn't get a whiff of dried fish. Things didn't change even after my family shifted to Sanpada from Trombay. The bridge that connected Bombay to New-Bombay flashed more than enough for a sea voyeur. This was before i moved to Gurgaon. A place that is as alien to sea breeze as Palestine is to sustainable peace but nonetheless warm and with no memory of me.

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