Thursday, March 12, 2015

Foodie for thought

Foodie is a heavy word. No joke. It's such a heavy word that people take it lightly. Once you call yourself a foodie, you own the onus of checking out every dish in the kitchen. That surely is one heck of a task. Of course, you might have your likes and dislikes but even if you apply the principle of permutation and combination here, you'd still be having SO much to keep your taste buds excited! I find chewing a dull part of consumption. No innuendo applied. If i love you enough, i'd let you chew for me. If you love me enough, you'd rather let me have juice instead. Furthermore, it's not just about your tongue. A foodie is essentially someone who must understand between different smells and feels. Or else, why bother calling yourself something you are better off without. Like i am. I am not a foodie but if offered, i eat everything. As long as intoxication ain't part of the course. My palate isn't of gourmet quality but it's open to everything. I neither discriminate one dish from another nor do i waste food. This is the closest i'll ever get to being Mother Teresa. Since moving north, life has taught—which i recently learnt isn't pronounced as thought—me very systematically that it takes industry and creativity to make food more appealing than they were originally supposed to be. But then, i'm quite old-fashioned you see? I simply can't get over the penultimate fact that our ancestors relished bulbs and roots for hunger's sake!

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