Tuesday, March 3, 2015

For better or worse

Before i even begin to spiel, my bile has nothing to do with my genitals. 

That clarified, i genuinely believe that the so-called modern women are asking the wrong questions. To make matters worst, they are demanding even wronger answers. At least that seems to be the case in urban India. For some absurd cultural reasons, they have made themselves believe that having the right to wear what they want and use chauvinist words like bhenchod makes them superior, if not equal to whoever they are competing against. 
It doesn't. 
Thanks to misguided priorities, women of today—a growing bunch of them, to be fair—are busy inhaling the wind of change that doesn't exist in the first place. On an individual level, the thinking works for the person concerned. But not without overlooking the obvious factors that fuel this "change" in the country that is predominantly anti-female. The women who can manage to lead a life of their own conveniently forget that the sole reason why they can do so is not because of their attitude but because of their economic prowess. Until and unless they can't come up with the funds—either through earning on their own or leeching their family—they have little or no chance of living it up
And that's where the catch lies. 
Girls, while growing up, in our country aren't taught about the importance of money. Even the affluent families prefer to talk numbers with their sons instead of daughters. This pattern, irrespective of where a given Indian family hails from, has led to a cancerous cultural overbearing. Which is why we see more and more shehri women wondering what exactly is meant by emancipation. Which is also why that their modernity forces them to ignore their less privileged counterparts who neither get to wear what they want nor spout the beloved B-word. 

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