Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Present, now

I have a bit of a fever. My neck is sprained. Inspired by Kamasutra, i even cut my thumb trying to chop onions sideways. Thanks to the resulting pain, there's a bulge in my armpit as well. I didn't really sleep tight last night due to recurring bad dreams. My eyes are of bloodshot hue as i type. I guess i've strained my groin too while running unnecessarily in office. I can't sit like a lady anymore. But guess what? I've never been happier in my whole fucking life. I don't remember any phase involving me where i was damn sure of what was going on. No, not in school. Not in polytechnic. Not in college. Not anywhere else. For probably the first time ever, i am at peace with what's happening. I was arguably one of the fastest transcribers around and i treasured my job as a film journo but my current profile allows me a new sense of high. Never-seen-before ocean, never-fought-before waves. I completed a month in it yesterday and i continue to be optimistic about the future. So darn unlike me! Maybe this has something to do with the fact that i'm in love. And the person in question happens to be my answer for making everything seem alright. So, to steal her words, i am content although i work for the marketing team. OK. Bad pun. Explains why i get those nightmares!

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