Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Corporate touch

Every passing day, i am learning something new. Something i didn't even bother to sniff earlier. Something i didn't even know existed earlier. Maybe it didn't matter. Now it does. And here i am trying to figure out newer things. It's a healthy phase to be in, not to mention ballbreaking. I am not afraid of failing. Just that i think i'm never going to grow up fast enough to understand how invaluable time is. Nothing can replace time. In the same breath of thought, nothing can replace people who make your time worthwhile either. Valuing both takes practice. 

The conclusions to be drawn are as follow:
  • There's no point in planning, especially when you acknowledge the fact that you're not the one who'd continue with a plan in place. 
  • Keeping one's mind and eyes open help a lot, particularly when you are in a spot where you are responsible for your mess. 
  • Waste time as much as you want but don't blame it on others. 
  • Your decisions may be influenced by your environment, both internal as well as external, but when the back of your head hits the pillow, they are solely yours.
  • Learn without expecting much in return. Even the smallest of lessons help in the future. For instance, i'm yet to come across someone who types faster than me. Reason: I took typewriting classes during SSC vacation in a room filled with elder girls in salwar-kameez. 
  • Respect your seniors at work. They might be younger but they've seen more summers and are superior because of their experience. You can only benefit from their exposure. 
  • Get carried away by your passion. It's alright to be crazy about a non-person entity like a company you admired from a distance not so long ago. 
  • Paying attention never harmed anyone. Like it didn't harm reading what you just did. Now, did it?

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