Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Halves and halves-not

The more you look around you, the more it becomes obvious that we are living in paradoxical times. There's a section of people with scientific temper who want us to believe that global warming is a reality. What they fail to do though is convince the world that the world is going to sink from above, not below. There's going to be rain like never before, not waves of insufferable global heat. A proper washout, if you may. So, even if the aforementioned theory mentione doesn't fit in, what behooves urgency is the lack of dissemination of basic knowledge. Even the ones who know a bit about this and a crumb about that aren't helping the case. Half-knowledge is worse than utter lack of information anyway. Whole-hearted drive along with a certain dose of PR would help make science a bigger cause than it has turned out to be so far. If not, then a theory worth propagating among those who continue to challenge science with as much irrationality as humanly possible. 

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