Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Three Wise Men

Buddhist monks aren't someone who you'd like to associate with brands, right?
Or would you?
Well, i saw some checking out bigshot labels inside a mall in Gurgaon.
Not to judge them because they are allowed to do whatever pleases them.
But still, it's rather interesting that they were happily shopping.
Like the rest of us do.
And i used to think they ought to be better than us.
On a second thought, i believe they are.
Maybe these three monks have found a balance.
Somewhere between the spiritual as well as the material world.
Who knows?
Anyway, the idea behind sharing this photo i clicked is to ask questions.
Seeking answers is for the monks, not us.
Those who think i've violated their privacy, guess what?
I haven't.
True to my shoddy photography skills, i don't reveal identity.
None of my photographs do.
Unless you are non-human beings with no idea what immortality is.
Coming back to my subjects, you can't see their calmer-than-Bodhi-tree faces.
Besides, it doesn't really make a difference who they are.
They could be you.
Who knows for sure?

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