Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An ear-opener

Did you know that the W in wrinkle/wrist is silent the way it is in wrong? I didn't. I continued to remain ignorant enough to lick the poor W along. It was only after moving north (I'm so glad i don't use the word Gurgaon although there's nothing silent in it, especially after what happened in NH10) that i realized i take too much leeway with my pronunciation. And we aren't even talking about tricky words like denouement, subtle, Seuss, GIF, missile, Xiaomi, schedule, forte or reservoir. I mean the basic ones like ruined, Luke, truth, conscience, dude, creatures, fragrance, jinxed and ilk (no, not this word, i already knew it). This is like my entire life has been a sham! Seriously. Being shy, i remember keeping my voice to myself. But in the meantime, i kept uploading words into my big fat vocabulary without crosschecking the exact sound they are supposed to make. This must be the reason why my reading/speaking skills are so fucked up. Forget rarer terms like vacillation, propensity, atavistic, onomatopoeia, pulchritude or somewordthatisrestrictedtodictionary, i'm learning new stuff with every passing day up here. It's an amazing experience but i need to brush up my pronunciation before spitting another word in public. And for someone who is designated as communication specialist, that's the least one can ask for.  

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