Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pouring names

Muhammad Ali. Tom Cruise. George Bernard Shaw. Ben Affleck. Stephen King. Russell Brand. David Bowie. Warren Buffet. Jim Carrey. Jay Leno. Leonardo DiCaprio. Shania Twain. Al Pacino. Donald Trump. Lana Del Rey. Elton John. Bradley Cooper. Tom Cruise. Robert Downey Jr, Colin Farrell. Malcolm X. James Franco. Che Guevara. Howard Hughes. Naomi Campbell. Vladmir Putin. 50 Cent. Daniel Radcliffe. Bruce Lee. David Beckham. Kafka. Natalie Portman. Hinduja brothers. Frank Zappa. Anthony Hopkins. Abraham Lincoln. Jennifer Lopez. Adolf Hitler. Chris Martin. Akon. Andy Murray. Bruce Willis. Cristiano Ronaldo. Donald Bradman. Eminem. Eric Clapton. Samuel L Jackson. Ewan McGregor. Nietzsche. Gary Oldman. Henry David Thoreau. Tobey Maguire. Isaac Asimov. Mae West. Richard Feynman....

Q: What's common between the above mentioned personalities and me?
A: Teetotalism. Not that it makes me a bigger person but it's good to know that i have a pretty decent company although i can't really call it that yet. 

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closet blogger said...

You must like Tom Cruise a lot to mention his name twice.