Sunday, February 14, 2016

A margin of victory

A good politician remains so as long as he knows how to waddle through politics. It's a thick game and not many make through without some amount of smear on their collar. It won't be an understatement to suggest that the real winners of politics are the ones who maintain hygiene. Also, saying that getting dirty is the only way to make it is tantamount to admitting defeat. I just completed watching Show Me A Hero (2015) and i couldn't help but wonder how people are similar everywhere. They all have short term memory and tend to focus on stuff that affects them directly with minimum contribution from their end. I liked this show not just because it was based on a true story but also because it doesn't try to take a shortcut. But most importantly, it gives us a taste of human behaviour. We are immensely unpredictable and innately selfish but a politician is expected to defy that principle. He's supposed to look beyond the narrowness of mortal weakness and take steps towards the better of many. Going by the news that leak out day in and day out, looks like Baz Luhrmann is right. Politicians aren't noble anymore. But i still like to believe that there is hope. After all, the world as we know today is ruled by politicians and bankers. Which is why we can't afford to be hopeless. I'm sure there are ideals worth fighting for and there are people in suits and ties who can figure out the solutions instead of problems. I also feel there has to be a politician out there who never votes for himself. Because, if he loses the election by one vote, he can at least blame himself for the defeat. 

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