Friday, February 26, 2016

An Imitation Game

Let's arrive at a conclusion together. We'll party later. 

Those are the two sentences i'd like to share with the so-called liberals in our country. They hide behind their intellectualism and throw words like 'progressive' and 'secular' to resuscitate their hollow arguments. They prefer to assume that they are protecting our culture from those who actually understand it. They are happy to label anyone who doesn't agree with their viewpoints while crying wolf about the lack of freedom of speech in India. They side with the so-called minorities just because it's fashionable to do so. What they accomplish thus is the further fragmentation of an already fragmented picture. If you tell them saari is going the kimono way in urban India, they'll scoff at you. If you ask them whether India will continue to adhere to the Constitution given the gradual shift in demography, they'll accuse you of scaremongering. Instead of balancing themselves on the see-saw of fairness, they jump to conclusions again and again and again and again. Their rigidity in thought process ain't very different from the fundamentalists. The damage they've done to the national discourse—at least in this century—is ridiculous. But then, they aren't to be blamed alone. The colonial hangover that we are reeling under automatically demotes vernacular languages. If you aren't speaking in English, your opinion is as good as worse. They merrily lift their egalitarian croissants and legendary whiskies at their soiree, conveniently forgetting that the exchange never happened. It was a one-sided traffic. Nobody's having idli-sambar or puri-bhaji at G-77 meetings. Going back to culture, these are the very individuals who name their kids after characters from Norse and Persian mythologies to prove a point in global citizenship. I wonder whether this is a disease restricted only to Indians because i don't see anybody else trying too hard to impress the world. 

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