Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Back in the future

What if i told you all the answers to all our questions are hidden somewhere in our respective childhood? Will you believe me? Chances are you won't. You shouldn't, in any case. We all find our answers in our own ways but still, i've been pondering what role our childhood plays in our formation. The person we are today must have a lot to do with how we were decades ago and how our environment was with us during our younger days. We might have become obnoxious enough to dismiss those days saying they are dead and buried in the past but what if their ghosts are still lingering around? Aren't we silently dealing with them then? Don't tell me you don't remember much. It doesn't matter whether you can recollect everything in detail. Besides, you don't even remember every little thing that happened during your hot date last weekend. Memories are a result of practice. It's not a gift. You may have quit your childhood but your childhood is never going to quit on you. The nightmares you used to have as a kid still recur behind the closed curtains of your eyelids. When they wake up in the middle of the night, you are reminded of the place you come from. A place you can't go back to. The dreams you once had as a child continue to mock the dreams you pretend to have today. If so, aren't your fears and your triumphs a consequence of the events that shaped your childhood? Also, to what extent?

Please tell me i'm mistaken because i SO want to be.   

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