Friday, February 19, 2016

Amul moment

I don't sleep tight anymore. Not very long ago, i used to sleep like a dead body awaiting post-mortem. Now i sleep like someone who is about to wake up from a bad dream. The worst part is i do wake up — nightmare or no nightmare. Last night, i woke up at three-ish and reached for my phone. The worst thing one can do at that time of the night is go online. So, i decided to check out pictures on my phone. Old pictures that i don't even remember clicking. After sifting through hundreds of picture, i stopped on the one below. 
I clicked this one at the end of my Diwali vacation. This was the only time i visited home since moving north. I was heading to airport that morning and Tushar (the young man on the left) was to drive me there in his car (the grey one in the back). My dad (the old one on the right) tagged along as we promised him we can drop him at his workplace. There was calmness all around as i approached them before i took out my cellphone to capture the moment. It's been three months and i can still feel what i felt back then. Fortunately, no storm followed.