Friday, February 26, 2016

It's cute how...

  • our country manages to waste time on issues that are not even issues.
  • we have opinions on budget when we can hardly define economics. 
  • people smile at their cellphones while walking on a busy road.
  • the street dogs i feed believe in my magical ability to create biscuit packets out of thin air. 
  • nobody ever mentions 'falling in love' as their hobby. 
  • people automatically turn their assumption mode on when it comes to Gandhiji.
  • you assume that you realize what cuteness is.
  • the sky is trying to compete with the freckles on her face.
  • the world plays just right to keep Twitter from running out of topics.
  • Oxford Dictionary tries to define happiness! 
  • even a genuinely harmless sentence appears incomplete without a :) at the end.
  • Vikram always got carried away by Betaal!
  • autorickshawallahs bitch about the carwallahs given both enjoy breaking traffic rules.
  • we don't know shit about law and yet we prefer to call ourselves law-abiding citizens.
  • tweets have become the only "personal" factor about us.
  • a pigeon doesn't discriminate between a temple or a mosque as it poops on both of them.
  • terrorist organizations are candid enough to 'claim' responsibility for their actions.
  • beard is now more of an Islamic thing than a masculine thing.
  • you're disappointed with everything except yourself.
  • Man United fans from India take knighthood seriously. 
  • humans think the cuckoos sing for them!

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Anonymous said...

you are a gem sirji