Wednesday, February 17, 2016

From soulmate to solomate

He was looking for his soulmate. She was looking for hers. They somehow bumped into each other and fell in love. Time passed by and they found themselves married to each other. A bit more time passed by and they had some little beings around calling them amma and appa. Let's say, 10 years have passed by since the moment these two individuals met for the first time. Do they refer to each other as soulmates now? Chances are that they don't. Chances are they are still very much in love. Chances are they laugh at each other's jokes. It's a matter of chance here because we are talking about a concept that can't be harnessed with words. The idea of a soulmate exists only in our souls, not even our minds. Our mind is too impure to assess the fibre of soulmate. Which is why time becomes the vector of what you believe in as years pass by. The two protagonists in our story are weary and they have reached a point where only one of them can have a soulmate. So the kinder one out of the two conforms himself/herself into becoming the other person's soulmate while happily giving up on his/her soulmate. 

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