Friday, February 26, 2016

D for denial

If you talk about life, they'll call you a philosopher. Mockingly, of course. If you call talk about death, they'll call you suicidal; even if you are a pussy with morbid fear of lizards, height and razor. That's just the way it is. The standards of conversations have dropped to such levels of fakeness that it's impossible to comprehend whether to believe something or simply snigger off a chat. Personally, i like talking to everyone. I say this because silence makes me uncomfortable. It's a euphemism for death for me. But like i insinuated earlier, that's a topic nobody wants to touch upon. There's a greater chance of sex getting discussed! Which i find rather ironic because death is absolute. Whether you'll get laid or not isn't. There's no denying that we are going to die someday—and so shall our loved ones. That's the way our world is constructed. So, why are we SO afraid of talking about death? Is it because of an inherent superstition that discussing death will invoke death? Or is it because we are clueless about it just like we are clueless about life? (Yes, generalizing the shit out of our species because, YODO. No, the opposite of YOLO.) Recently, i heard someone say “I don't want my kid to have dogs because they'll die someday and he'll be heartbroken.” Seriously? By that logic, your kid shouldn't have you either because parents die too, right? On the contrary, his pet's death will help him learn how to cope with the concept of death. 

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