Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hmm for marriage

You need to have a driver license to get behind the wheel. You need to have an engineering degree, most probably followed by a PG course, to prove that you can call yourself an able engineer. You spend close to a decade in the medical field to be able to stand in an operation theatre. You need permissions and permits to do so many things that it's understandable why institutions exist in the first place. There are procedures and protocols in place so that everybody is on the same page. Nothing wrong with it either. Humans might be better than chimpanzees at organizing themselves but without any order in place, things might get chaotic. And if you are well aware of the world we live in today, chaos is our next-door neighbour waiting to wake up. However, doesn't it bother you that despite all these necessary restrictions in place, people can get married without any license or training? Two individuals can settle just like that. No questions asked whether they are capable of handling what lies ahead? Or whether they require specialization in co-habitation? Nothing. Two adults (hahahaha, as if one can grow up) making a decision with the court of law as a bystander. Guess this is why marriage is seen as an institution where everybody's nodding to a pageless book. What else can explain the greatest leeway in the history of humankind? 

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