Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ransacked by memories

Not very long ago, my memory was as intact as my anus and i remembered names. But a lot has changed and too fast. I've arrived at a point now where i confuse one film with another and the faces of actors betray me. Last night, i failed to recognize Domhnall Gleeson in Brooklyn (2015). And this happened despite being familiar with him and his recent work (Unbroken, Ex Machina, Star Wars and The Revenant). As a part of new year resolutions, i'm watching at least one movie each night from Monday to Saturday and three on Sunday. It's not a lot if i compare to the figures of my film journalism days. The only difference is i've lost track to some extent. The other day, i was telling a story to my colleague/friend about an amazing scene from a British film (yes, that's all i remember). I don't remember its title nor the actors. All i remember is one guy taking another on a tour of his house. They come across a family portrait on the wall. The guest remarks that the woman in the picture is beautiful. To which, the house owner says, “Beautiful? She was the most wonderful woman i ever knew!” before adding “No wonder she left me.

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