Friday, February 12, 2016

Next step in destroying minds

Somebody recently asked me what is my ultimate aim in life. I didn't even have to think twice before saying “teaching kids in college”. I've already taught in a school. Two schools, actually. Both in the slums of Trombay. And this was last decade. I should aim higher this decade and ruin maturer minds. On a serious note, i always wanted to teach. I've had an unusual life and i'm still going through it. There's no structure to it. I've taken random decisions and been floating from A to B to D only to return to C what's going on. Although i've created a persona—something Tanmay Bhat asked me recently about—in the online world, it has very little to do with me. It has more to do with the public in general. People react bizarrely to silence. Particularly the self-imposed one. As if there is supposed to be noise. Regardless, i speak my mind. Seldom do i care what others would think. That's not my problem anyway. Coming back to my zest for teaching, i'm quite suitable for the job. I'm tolerant and hardworking. I cannot boast to be wise or warm. Or smart, even. But i like to believe that i've got something substantial to say. Who knows? I might become the professor i never had. 

PS. I had exceptionally brilliant teachers during school days. Maybe that's why i'm a college dropout, not a school dropout. 

PSS. Oh, i forgot! I love pinning the blame on others.

PSS. I have a BA (English) and a MA (Journalism & Mass Comm) under my lose belt. I've also appeared for NET (awaiting results) and am planning to pursue M.Phil. If you have a teaching vacancy for an assistant professor in your college, do let me know. 

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Anonymous said...

Almost there. great to know that. Best of luck :)