Friday, February 26, 2016

When you care too much

As you're getting older, you're becoming more and more impatient. About a decade ago, you were all right with the ways of the society. This transformation must have something to do with your health. Not sure though. If you're suffering, you must have done something wrong in the past, right? Something that was within your control but you let it slip, overestimating your goodwill. Or maybe your present has nothing to do with your past. It's just how chips fall into place. You always wanted to be right. You always wanted to be tall(er). You always wanted to be awesome(st). But you're none of that. And this realization is making you finicky. You can't handle the heat anymore. Your failures are celebrating you. Your disappointments are loud. Louder the regrets, the better. A noisy city like Gurgaon is getting on your nerves after spending over two decades in the country's noisiest city. Behaviour of the people who have nothing to do with you irks you. There's hatred in you for those who don't comply by the ethics of decency. Earlier, you used to be indifferent. You didn't care as you left everyone to their fate. You didn't argue. There was no one to argue with. Your weakness was wrapped up with a silver of strength. You're growing old now and your crankiness is exposing the crevices in your personality. Lo and behold! You are turning soft. The society is winning. 

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